CinemaPlus products are available to all Triad dealers for serious home cinema systems. These are versions of our successful Platinum LCR and Silver Subwoofer that have been modified for easy installation in engineered and purpose built home cinema rooms. The addition of the baffle wall, in concert with the Platinum LCR, provides higher efficiency, high frequency diffraction control and cleaner, tighter output.

The CinemaPlus products are designed with minimal wall depth which makes thebuild out and installation much easier than other products in this category.

CinemaPlus Platinum LCR
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CinemaPlus Baffle Wall
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CinemaPlus Silver Sub
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Acoustic Design Partners

All Triad dealers are capable of providing a well designed and properly installed home cinema or media room. For many special Triad theater projects, however, Triad dealers will partner with an acoustic design firm or specialty products manufacturer to assist in providing a room that is fully engineered and acoustically treated to be sure the systems they design and install perform at their absolute best and without compromise.

Triad has selected some of these companies as partners based upon many years of experience working with our dealers and products designing and engineering home theaters around the world that exceed all expectations.

Erskine Group
Dennis Erskine
Design, fabrication, installation and calibration of world class dedicated private cinemas and other higher performance audio and/or video reproduction spaces.

Home Acoustics Alliance
Gerald Lemay
The HAA® is a professional training organization dedicated toward home acoustics.

Acoustic Panels and Room Treatments for Recording Studios & Home Theaters.

Anthony Grimani
Specializing in acoustics and system design for high-end home theater, production, broadcast and recording studio applications.

Quest Logo Quest
Gerald Lemay
Acoustic Panels and Room Treatments for Recording Studios & Home Theaters.