We are proud to introduce DesignerSeries, the first truly invisible speakers from Triad. DesignerSeries is the perfect solution for applications that require great sound, but speakers cannot be seen…not even inwall grills. Triad’s DesignerSeries utilizes a revolutionary “diffuse source” vibrating soundboard technique (like that of a traditional acoustical musical instrument) to reproduce clear, clean, highly intelligible sound.

They work especially well in areas where uniform coverage is desired, such as in distributed audio applications, or for surround channels where no speakers can be visible.

DesignerSeries speakers are powered by high performance drive units built around the finest rare earth (neodymium-iron-boron) magnets available. This combination forms the “engine” that drives the loudspeakers, and generates the incredibly natural sound.

Each speaker includes an industrial-grade honeycomb panel that is strong, light, and responsive, yet durable enough for walls, ceilings, and many other applications where invisible sound is desired.

DS500 Review

Here is a link to a great review on the Triad Designer Series DS500 invisible speakers by Darryl Wilkinson in the June addition of Home Theater Magazine.


Among his many comments, he writes:

I have yet to hear a better invisible –in-wall speaker. (And I’ve heard many.)

In fact, for most of the rooms in most people’s homes, the DS500s (or the less powerful versions) would likely be fantastic. Because of the invisibility factor, they’ll even be killer for some people for each channel of a home theater.”

The article does a great job explaining how they work and how they install. In fact, the article shows 12 frame by frame pictures of his entire installation process, from the initial hole in the wall, to the final picture when the wall is painted.

The Triad invisible speakers are the best sounding, the easiest to install and the most versatile invisible speakers on the market. They are less than 2 inches deep, so they can fit in very shallow walls where nothing else will work.

They can also be installed behind wallpaper and veneer. And because of their very wide dispersion patterns, you can install them in areas that you may have not considered with conventional speakers.


For more info download the following Info:

DesignerSeries Handout | PDF File

Total Concealment...
The Triad DesignerSeries
are totally concealed
speakers, meant to be
plastered in and
completely hidden
from view.

All you see is a wall,
or a ceiling, with natural
sound emanating from it.
Designed to be installed
in walls or ceilings and
skimmed over with up
to 5/64” (2mm) of plaster
or drywall compound,

DesignerSeries offers a
totally concealed audio
solution that allows
complete interior design
flexibility without the
visible presence of

Once plastered in,
they become completely
sealed and protected,
which makes them
suitable for humid or wet
areas such as pools or

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