Triad Dealers/Rep USA Map


lease contact your local Triad Factory Sales Representative in your state by using the map above to access the name, phone number and email address. Just click on your state to get the information.


** Important Information about Authorized Triad Dealers **

Triad does not allow sales of it’s products over the internet or by unauthorized dealers. Triad products should only be purchased from a local, authorized Triad dealer who can offer knowledge, service, professional installation and a product warranty.

The Triad factory warranty (10 years on speakers and 3 years on electronics, limited) is only in effect when the product is purchased from an authorized dealer. The warranty is invalid if the product has been purchased from an unauthorized dealer, or if the serial number has been removed, defaced, or altered. If you choose to buy from an unauthorized source, you will be charged for any repairs, and Triad can do nothing to help you if you have a problem with the dealer.

Triad Internet Policy:
Please note that there are NO Authorized Internet Resellers of Triad products.
Do you really want to give your credit card information to an e-tailer dishonest enough to claim to represent a brand that they don't?  The only way one of these companies can ever fill an order is to find an authorized Triad dealer willing to violate the terms of their dealer agreement by transshipping products for resale to a customer. 

Triad products are almost all built-to-order in America. Triad products sold by unauthorized dealers may be old stock, used, demo, repaired, refurbished, discontinued, or even counterfeit. Authorized Triad dealers selling Triad products over the internet will be terminated upon the first offense, as they have violated their signed Triad Dealer Agreement. This policy is to protect consumers and authorized Triad dealers in good standing.

To find the appropriate Triad dealer closest to you, go to “How to Buy” on our website, and call your local Triad representative. He will help you find the Triad dealer best able to help you with your particular needs.

Unauthorized dealers include:
Audiophile Liquidator
HiFi Overstock
Xtreme Liquidator
Elegant Audio Video
Digital Craze
Surround City

If you have any questions, please contact Triad at the following numbers below:
Triad Speakers Inc.
800-666-6316 Toll Free USA
503-256-2600 Phone
503-256-5966 Fax email



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