Triad Product Photo

Triad’s LCRs are, as the name suggests, designed for use primarily in home theater systems with additional surrounds and subwoofers. The InRoom, InWall, InCeiling and OnWall LCRs all play loudly with lots of headroom and minimal power compression, with sensitivity of 90 dB 1w @ 1m to 94.5 dB 1w @ 1m.

Limited vertical dispersion makes them work well in multichannel systems. Their accuracy also makes them great for music applications, but they especially excel at reproducing demanding movie soundtracks.

There are models for freestanding placement, ceiling installation, onwall mounting, and inwall applications, for the same high performance regardless of installation option.

The names we use for our Triad products offer a thumbnail description of their suggested usage. There are no cryptic alphanumeric code terms to decipher. The terms InRoom, InWall, InCeiling, OnWall are self-explanatory, offering different application options for the same speaker, without performance compromise. Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum within each category are priced from lower to higher with increasing size and performance capability.