Triad Product Photo

Triad's new Micro speakers, starting with the OnWall MicroSat 3.0, are designed specifically to integrate with today's new, shallower flat panel televisions. These flatter TVs with tiny internal speakers have compromised their audio quality, and that challenged us to engineer new speakers that would provide far better sound, but still maintain the sleek look of these video displays. We also noticed that competing speaker companies have designed flat speakers that don't provide full sound or much in the way of output. Triad's Micro series puts the emphasis on real performance in a compact package.

All Micro speakers are designed and manufactured to order in our modern factory in Portland, Oregon. In addition to free custom paint matching, we also offer optional (at extra cost) custom sizing of the OnWall Micro speakers to exactly match your video display. Because we build to order, your speaker is truly customized for you.

Micro series speakers may be used for routine TV audio, or a subwoofer and surround speakers may be added for a full home theater experience. Built in America, we know of no other speaker at this price that offers more performance and customizable features.