Triad is Proud to Introduce a New Line of Subwoofers

Triad’s new OmniSub series offers Triad-quality performance in a more modest price range. The three new OmniSubs offer high output and deep bass extension, full features, and in attractive, compact packages. The compact InRoom OmniSub8 uses a long-excursion 8” driver and a 200 watt Class D amplifier; the InRoom OmniSub10 uses a 10” driver and a 300 watt Class D amplifier, and the InRoom OmniSub12 uses a 12” driver and a robust 500 watt Class D amplifier. Triad now offers nearly two dozen subwoofer solutions, to address virtually any home audio and theater application with InRoom, InWall, and InCeiling models.

The OmniSub enclosures are heavily braced and acoustically inert, a trademark of all Triad subs for almost thirty years. Class D amplifier technology generates almost no heat, and is extremely efficient, with low energy consumption, even when tasked hard. The amps provide the sound quality of traditional Class AB amplifiers with efficiency and low heat.

Features include signal-sensing power-on, volume, crossover and phase adjustments and both have line level and speaker level inputs. Triadís new OmniSubs set the standard for performance, features, and value.