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Headline For Satellite Products

Triad's Omni speakers have been completely redesigned, and these new sats are now known as "Satellites." We have standardized the Satellites and LCRs so every speaker with 4" woofers is a Mini; every speaker with 5" woofers is a Bronze; and every speaker with 6" woofers is a Silver, just like our current LCRs. This descriptor will make the broad Triad line consistent and easier to understand.

But this is much more than a name change! Although we maintained the previous sizing and industrial design so the new speakers would seamlessly integrate into existing jobs, the speakers themselves are all new. We're using all new drivers and crossovers for a significant improvement in sound quality, and even an increase in output. The speakers maintain better sound quality at higher levels, definition is better, and there is a marked improvement in treble quality across the entire Satellites series.

At a time when everyone else seems to be outsourcing, the new Satellites are still designed and manufactured in America, in our modern factory in Portland, Oregon. Because all our Satellites are built to order, we can offer free paint matching of the InWall, InRoom, OnWall, and InCeiling products.