Triad’s newest custom inwall powered subwoofer solution allows you to integrate full bass into your system, even if you only have 4” of wall depth. The InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub fits into a standard 4” wall, and can be retrofitted as well as used in new construction. The flush Acoustimesh grill can be made to further blend into your environment with Triad’s exclusive paint matching program...we perfectly match your speakers to your wall color with the sample you provide.

Unlike most inwall subwoofers, the InWall Bronze4/ SlimSub is a real performer. One InWall SlimSub provides great bass for music or smaller scale A/V systems and a second sub enclosure can be paired for additional output. Now you can have great bass in a small space, without big boxes on the floor or grills protruding from the wall. Available with the new 350 watt DSP amp that provides simple "plug-and-play," and EZ set-up. You can have great performance right out of the box in nearly any room.

Triad has a custom subwoofer solution for virtually every application, with great performance as well as seamless integration into your décor.

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Product Features

Drive Units:
(1) 10" Proprietary long-throw, aluminum cone woofer.

Amplifiers available:
RackAmp 350 DSP:  Rack mountable (1 space rack height)
, RackAmp 350 DSP for dual sub configurations.

Brand new DSP BASH technology.
• Compact & efficient - Only 14-1/4” deep; Rack friendly (ears included).
• EnergyStar compliant & energy efficient.
• Low heat generation.
• Five user selectable Preset Modes. (Reference, Cinema, Night, THX, Custom1, Custom2).
• Intuitive Menus.
• Changes are dynamic (hear them in real time) & auto saved.
• In addition to common menu functions, Installer Setup Menu offers:

• Slope adjustments for all filters (6-36 dB/Octave).
• Multiple Control Options:
• 5V – 20V Trigger
    • IR with discrete controls
• Auto-sense
    • Adjustable Trigger Voltage
    • Adjustable Off Delay

• Optimize multiple subs for best performance
    •Input Gain matches levels.
    •Delay time aligns subs together for better impact

Driver impedance 4 ohms
(8 ohms - dual sub configurations)

2pi Frequency Response:
20 Hz - 250Hz (+/-2dB)


Highly compact, fully braced and sealed cabinet.

Flush Acoustimesh™ metal grill fits flat against the wall.

Designed to be used in stud walls, false walls or custom cabinets with or without using the Acoustimesh™ metal grill.


Grill and frame available in various paint & custom matched finishes


Product Specifications

Cabinet Dimensions:
Width 13-1/2" (34.3cm)
Height 19" (48.3cm)
Depth 3-15/16" (9.9cm)

Wall Hole Cut Out:

Width 13-3/4" (35cm)
Height 19-1/4" (49cm)

InWall Frame/Grill:
Width 14-3/16" (36cm)
Height 19-11/16" (50cm)
Depth 0"

New Construction Bracket:
(NCB) size V

Product Weight:

20 lbs. each (9kg)

Shipping Weight:

27 lbs. each (12.2kg)



Literature is available for this product via the download link below.

This literature is presented as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file and requires a PDF reader to view. If you do not have the correct reader you can download it here for free at Adobe Acrobat's Website.

InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub | PDF File


Product Photography
Download the product photography below:
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InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub | JPG Thumbnail File

InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub | JPG File
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RackAmp 350 DSP | JPG File
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CAD Drawings

Download CAD file below. Product bracing omitted for drawing clarity.

Triad Enclosure CAD Drawing

Download the files below:
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InWall Bronze/4 SilmSub | PDF File
InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub
| DXF File
InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub
| DWG File

Triad RackAmplifier CAD Drawings

Download the file below:
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RackAmp 350 DSP | PDF File

RackAmp 350 DSP | DXF File
RackAmp 350 DSP
| DWG File


Triad Finishes
The standard finish for this product is White. For any other colors (including black) please refer to Triad's Custom Match Finish program for this product. The paint we use is a top quality enamel and is applied with a light pebble finish. Since all computer monitors and their colors are vary greatly, the digital color you see here will be different from the actual product finish.

Basic Finishes
Mouseover color for larger view.

White Textured Paint

Black Textured Paint

Custom Paint Matching Available

For an exact match, please send us a small sample of your color and we will custom match it for you!