Project Description

Home Cinema Gallery

Every petrol head needs their own cinema, right? What better way to enjoy the likes of ‘Rush’, ‘Bullitt’ and ‘Days of Thunder’ than on your own 160” projection screen? The F1 in HD never looked better either!

This amazing cinema is built on an underground complex that also houses the clients amazing car collection. Big rooms sound great with a big speaker system and this one was no different.

Three of the awesome Triad Cinema Reference LCR2’s are hiding behind the screen with a further 3 Cinema Reference Surrounds above these for the front height channels. This forms the amazing front sound stage of our Datasat Auro-3D 11.1 sound system. The Cinema Reference range are the only Triad speakers that make use of their latest DCT technology (Diffraction Control Technology) to deliver huge SPL’s with ultra high resolution.

Auro-3D brings amazing realism and immersion to the movie experience and, delivered through the flag ship Datasat RS20i processor, you will hear movies like never before. Driving the awesome Triad speakers are the incredible Datasat RA2400 and RA7300 power amps. These true heavy weight power amps are comfortable with even the most demanding of movie scores.