• OnWall CR Surround2 Wall MountOnWall CR Surround2 Main
    Triad’s Cinema Reference Surround 2 speakers are engineered to surpass the sound of modern, commercial cinemas—delivering a Hollywood experience with authority, detailed audio, and life-like precision. Constructed for high-SPL systems, including all 3-dimensional sound formats, these premium surround speakers deliver strikingly high sensitivity and high-power sound reproduction with a unique unipole design that projects an enveloping soundstage, balanced output, and smooth transitions. In an industry of generic, mass-produced products, Triad combines craftsmanship and customization in every order. Handcrafted in the US using the finest materials and components, Triad’s fully engineered, sealed, and internally braced MDF enclosures deliver intricate acoustics and effortless playback, achieving unobtrusive elegance while retaining the integrity of sound. Complete the full home theater experience by pairing with Triad's LCR, satellite, and subwoofer speakers. View Datasheet >> View Support Documents >>
  • InRoom CR LCR2 3InRoom CR LCR2 Main
    Triad’s Cinema Reference LCR2 speakers are the pinnacle of audio engineering, created specifically for the finest audiophile home theaters and high-resolution screening rooms. The Cinema Reference LCR2 produces extraordinary theater acoustics through high SPLs, stunning power, and controlled precision. It rivals commercial cinema sound with its Diffraction Control Technology (DCT)™ framework, Triad-developed waveguides, and proprietary folded-ribbon tweeters. View Datasheet >> View Support Documents >>