In applications where speakers are mounted in the ceiling and sound quality is a major consideration, the InCeiling Gold/8 Omni SE is the perfect solution. Premium drivers are used in this “Special Edition” speaker for exceptional fidelity. A unique angled baffle directs sound at the listener through a handsome flush Acoustiperf grill that can be custom paint matched at Triad to match your ceiling.

Two InCeiling Gold/8 Omni SEs can be used full range for invisible music listening, or three can be configured in the front for custom home theater in a bedroom, den, or family room, with amazing results and low visual impact. And despite this speaker’s hefty 17lbs., Triad’s unique InCeiling mounting system holds it securely in place. As well as this clever InCeiling version, Triad also offers an InWall model of the Gold Omni SE, and an InRoom model, for virtually any application that calls for a quality, compact, full range custom speaker.