The newly designed InCeiling Bronze/8 Sat is the perfect choice for distributed audio. It features a small footprint, big sound, and the handsome Acoustiperf grill can be custom paint matched at Triad to match your decor. The InCeiling Bronze/8 Sat, like the other Bronze Sats, use an improved tweeter; a 1″ soft dome. A 5.25″ woofer was designed to provide extended bass response for desired fullness at background listening levels.

A fully engineered and braced enclosure yields uniform results in all applications, without annoying bleeding through walls into adjacent rooms. For even better performance, add one of many Triad InWall or InCeiling Subs. For the price of an open-back plate inwall speaker, the InCeiling Bronze/8 Sat is an exceptional value and provides superior performance.