One of Triad’s finest ceiling speakers was derived from the superb InRoom and InWall Gold MiniMonitors. In applications where a small-footprint, high-quality, full-range ceiling speaker is required, the InCeiling Gold/8 MiniMonitor is a best choice. While most ceiling speakers attempt to hit a price point, the Gold MiniMonitor does not compromise quality just because it’s”only a ceiling speaker.”

It uses components found in much more expensive speakers, and can be utilized for audiophile two-channel or home theater, with or without a subwoofer. Bass response is strong and extended, and high frequencies are delicate, detailed, and natural. The unique angled baffle directs the sound toward the listening area through a handsome flush Acoustiperf grill, which can be custom paint matched at Triad to disappear into your ceiling. The result is superb sound that blends seamlessly into your lifestyle.