For primary room stereo or high end home theater, Triad introduces the InCeiling Silver/6 Monitor to complement the InRoom Silver Monitor and the two InWall Silver Monitors. Where the best possible sound is desired and there is no wall space and speakers cannot be freestanding, the InCeiling Silver/6 Monitor is the ideal solution.

In a home theater setting, an angled baffle directs the front channel sound to the listener through an elegant flush Acoustiperf grill that can be ordered custom paint matched to your decor. Other applications for the InCeiling Silver/6 Monitor include high-quality two-channel venues as well as use as a high-performance surround speaker in more upscale, high-output home theaters.

Finally, ceiling speakers can be used without compromising sound quality. The InCeiling Silver/6 Monitor is the new benchmark in ceiling speakers, and it should be the choice when only the best will do.