Triad’s InWall version of the lauded InRoom Gold LCR provides the same performance for theater installations where an inwall speaker is appropriate. Inspired by our legendary Platinum LCR, now there’s an inwall front speaker that’s as robust as the best freestanding LCRs! The InWall Gold/6 LCR may be used as an inwall, or in a false front wall for stylish yet authoritative results. The Gold LCR uses the finest drivers in it’s price range, and has an extensively braced, inert enclosure for clean, accurate sound at all listening levels.

The Gold LCR can be used with many of the better high-powered receivers, but it is worthy of the finest separate components. When you cannot compromise either the decor or the sound of your home theater, the Triad InWall Gold/6 LCR is the logical choice.