The InWall Silver/4 Surround provides a multitude of Unique Solutions for discrete, creative placement of surround speakers. This 3-driver bipole is the only speaker of its type to feature a flush Acoustiperf grill which can be ordered in any custom color you specify. With its compact dimensions, the InWall Silver/4 Surround can be mounted in walls or in ceiling-mount applications, regardless of the direction the ceiling joists run.

In larger rooms, multiple pairs of Silver/4 Surrounds may be used. Although bipole mode is the default, the speaker can also be ordered in dipole configuration. It is truly a custom installation dream.

This design, with extended frequency response, lends itself well to Digital and DTS soundtracks, as well as Dolby Pro Logic II. High sonic quality, reasonable price, and an ultra-low-profile installed appearance make the InWall Silver/4 Surround the perfect surround speaker for nearly any home theater.