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Building a Dream Theater

Building a state-of-the-art, custom home theater requires much more than purchasing a set of speakers and components, whatever the pedigree. It is an investment of both time and money that can add value to a property along with all the entertainment that it can provide. There are many aspects to consider regarding the equipment, planning, design, and installation to create a genuinely immersive, custom home theater experience. That’s why our speakers and components are exclusively distributed through Triad Authorized Dealers—installation experts supported by our dedicated in-house Design Services team to ensure optimal results.

To build a dream home theater, it takes strong vision, thoughtful planning and expertise in delivering a tailored experience:


The Vision

For a project to be successfully realized, it must be built upon a clear vision with an expert's perspective to guide it.

What are your expectations/hopes/dreams?
What does your ideal home theater look, feel, and sound like?
What are the interior design goals/restrictions?
How many people do you want to entertain in this space?
What will this space also be used for?
How will your theater system integrate with the rest of your home audio?
What is the budget, and what are your top priorities for the space?


The Plan

A custom theater installation requires a clear understanding of the physical context of the space to ensure the best sonic experience.

Basic room dimensions, including each surface's length, width, and height (not all rooms are architecturally symmetrical).
Location of any doors and windows for speaker placement.
Wall and ceiling construction to know depth for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.
Any structural restrictions, such as pipes inside of walls, support beams, closets, etc.
Design and construction for sound isolation, acoustic treatments, and lighting.
The seating layout, including the number of seats and rows, distances to the screen, and riser heights, to optimize speaker placement.
Closet and/or rack-to-house component placement.
Electrical requirements, including number of circuits needed, power conditioning, and routing.


The Experience

The end goal, of course, is to create the most immersive audio experience for the audience given all of the variables for an individual space.

Establish the required sound pressure levels to fill the space without distortion.
Select and install speakers that deliver faithful, accurate sound reproduction, taking into account performance level, volume capacity, size, placement, and sonic compatibility.
Select and install the appropriate electronics to properly power and support the system, whether AVRs (audio/video receivers) or separate amplification components.
Select and install the preferred high-definition audio and video sources.
Determine, select and install the ideal screen size, selecting either TVs or projectors for optimal viewing.
Set up room/system control and consolidate remote management for ease of operation.

These are just the primary considerations in planning a home theater of any size, but not all, because every installation is unique. That’s why working with an expert Triad Authorized Dealer with our Design Services team's support is essential to building the custom home theater of your dreams. Together, they can coordinate the myriad of details and problem-solve for even the most complicated projects.

Triad’s decades of work with industry-leading audio providers and content creators gives us unique granular knowledge of both the level of quality that is possible and how to best achieve it. Our unique, lean, built-to-order manufacturing process allows us to create products of the absolute highest quality specific to any installation need. 

By choosing Triad for your home theater installation through one of our authorized dealers, you’ll enjoy the confidence of having a team of industry-leading experts ready to make your home theater dreams come true.

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