Triad’s home theater solutions offer audiophile-grade sound for applications of all sizes, from intimate media rooms to world-class private home cinemas. Our extensive selection of speaker types, designed to work seamlessly together, deliver exceptional audio that envelops the listener, creating a realistic, engaging three-dimensional soundscape that elevates every viewing experience.

Satelite speaker

Triad satellites offer unparalleled sound and tremendous installation flexibility, allowing for countless system design options. Choose from three different series of speakers with various mounting options (in-room, in-wall, or in-ceiling) to deliver striking, full-range sound in virtually any setting.

LCRs (Left, Right, and Centers)

Triad builds a broad range of LCR speakers that have been perfected to deliver incredibly impactful sound in any size room. Our LCRs are engineered for the dynamic, high-output sound and pressure levels listeners expect in a commercial-grade theater, but also reproduce a musicality that can transform a home cinema into a concert hall.

Surround Speaker

Our surrounds enhance the home theater experience with detailed effects at both cinema-reference and background listening levels, transporting audiences to new dimensions. Built and tested with the same exacting standards as our primary speakers, their audio quality is second to none.


Triad subwoofers allow listeners to feel the power of truly accurate sound but deliver it with the same clarity and musicality as our primary speakers, not just a muffled thud. We offer options for any configuration, with in-wall, in-ceiling, and in-room subs that allow deep, precise bass to be integrated into any system for a full-frequency experience.

Distributed Audio

Triad delivers the same high-performance audio throughout the home as it does with home theater, with our extensive selection of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers and subwoofers. These premium speakers can be discreetly integrated virtually anywhere to ensure a continuously immersive music experience.

In-wall speaker
Triad PDX Speaker

Our newly developed Triad PDX line of architectural speakers was designed to deliver audiophile-quality sound with straightforward installation. Utilizing high-performance materials like carbon fiber, kevlar, and Teteron for precise sound reproduction and smoother frequency response, they’re also more durable and able to withstand variations in humidity and temperature that can occur in different areas of a home, along with daily and seasonal changes (the sun was over here, now it’s over there).

We use top-of-the-line crossover components, and the speakers are tested and tuned like all other Triad speakers to give them their coveted Triad sound. Of course, they seamlessly integrate with all of our speakers and subwoofers due to their timbre matching, allowing for mixing and matching within the series to meet the needs of each room while providing identical tonal qualities throughout the home. The speakers can be installed in-ceiling or in-wall, allowing for unlimited placement options with the frameless ultra-thin grills custom color-matched to any paint, allowing them to stand out acoustically but visually disappear.


Dramatically improve the sound of any viewing experience with Triad’s fully customizable soundbars. They offer a combination of built-to-order craftsmanship with industry-leading crossover components and proprietary drivers, delivering the trademark Triad sound. Fully damped with braced enclosures, timber-matched, and thoroughly tested like all of our speakers, our soundbars sonically integrate with the entire Triad line, ensuring consistent tonal quality and high-end performance.

The customization possibilities are endless, with the choices of 3”, 4”, 5”, or 6” drivers, three configuration options, any length from 24” to 84” in eighth-of-an-inch increments, six preselected colorways, custom veneers, or matching to any preferred paint color.

Our soundbars can perfectly blend in or elegantly stand out in any installation without compromise. Triad soundbars take every viewing experience to a new level by delivering precise audio distribution and exceptional sound reproduction that flawlessly integrates visually and audibly into any room.


Triad’s premium all-weather outdoor speakers extend the multi-room musical experience outside, representing the perfect combination of thoughtful design, exceptional sound, and durability. As with our audiophile-grade interior speakers, our outdoor speakers complement discerning architectural landscapes without compromising sound quality.

two people on a balcony jacuzi
Outdoor speaker

This superior solution is perfect for decks, patios, and gazebos or to place throughout flowerbeds or around the yard for rich, beautiful audio. With the choice of surface mount and garden array speakers, along with all-weather subwoofers, extraordinary sound can fill the air with the source as visible or invisible as you desire. The most beautiful sound you may never see.


Amplifiers, matrix switches, and streaming devices to add even more power and control to the listening experience.


Single- and multi-zone audio environments need reliable power and performance, and Triad amplifiers deliver. With a range of amplifiers to choose from, no matter how many channels, zones or watts of power your project needs, Triad has an amplification solution for you.

Matrix Switchers
Matrix Switches

Route and deliver high-resolution audio throughout your space with a Triad Audio Matrix Switch. Listen to audio from multiple sources in multiple zones/rooms through your Triad speakers, expertly chosen, placed and optimized for top performance.

Streasming amplifier
Streaming Amplifiers

Enjoy high-resolution, powerful audio playback from a variety of platforms and sources without the hassle of wires and cables running all over your home.


Designed and constructed to perfectly complement Triad products, our accessories are built with the same exacting standards and attention to detail that we put into all of our world-class components.

Grey Grill

Our acoustically transparent speaker grilles mount completely flush with the surrounding surface and can be ordered in standard white or custom-colored to exactly match the room's décor or wall/ceiling color.


Triad’s Pedestals are designed to solidly support our Satellites, LCRs (Left, Center, Right), MiniMonitors, and Monitors and, just like them, can be ordered in any paint color or veneer to match the speakers or the décor. Engineered from the same high-quality materials as our speakers, each Pedestal is designed to raise the speaker’s tweeter to the optimal listening height (i.e., ear height) and can, therefore, be ordered in custom heights to ensure perfect placement.

rear enclosure
Rear Enclosures

Molded to precisely fit the rear of our speakers, these enclosures help to reduce sound propagation through the walls into adjacent rooms. They also provide a clean, clutter-free space in-wall or in-ceiling, elevating the unseen aesthetic of any installation.

New Construction & Retrofit Brackets

Purpose-built to ease installation and provide a secure fit for our entire range of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. The New Construction Brackets are installed before the drywall, allowing for perfect placement and easy wiring. The Retrofit Brackets ensure a secure fit with adjustable braces that can compensate for uneven surfaces on the backside of the sheetrock. With the brackets in place and construction completed, the speakers can be easily and securely installed without tools with a simple push and twist to lock them into place.