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Bespoke Audio
Without Compromise

Why Triad

For over four decades, Triad has been delivering emotional audio experiences for those who demand the very best. Our obsession with precision and unrivaled passion for quality are evident in every aspect of our collection, from the meticulously engineered speakers and components to the refined aesthetic.

Built-to-order to seamlessly complement any living space, Triad speakers deliver a powerful and immersive soundstage.

Enjoying a cinematic event, a focused listening session, or simply streaming your favorite playlist will always be a premium audio experience.

Home theater Collection

Home Theater

Audiophile-grade speakers and subs engineered to work in concert, delivering extraordinary multi-directional sound for home screenings of every scale.

2 speakers

Distributed Audio

Designed for acoustic perfection that is both audibly and visually transparent, integrating discreetly into the architecture or aesthetically matched to the decor.

3 stacked speakers


Our soundbars’ high-end reproduction elevates the audio experience of all your favorite programming and are customizable for the number of channels, woofer size, length, and finishes.

Garden Speakers


Enjoy immersive, uncompromising sound quality as you move from inside to outside with our premium all-weather outdoor speakers, so you never miss a beat.

Amplifier unit


State-of-the-art amplifiers, matrix switches, and streaming devices specifically engineered to work harmoniously with our entire range of speakers, delivering optimal sound.

Speaker accessories


Designed to work seamlessly with Triad products, allowing for easy installation, access, and aesthetic integration into any build.

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